About Cemar Electro Inc.

For more than 25 years Cemar Electro Inc. has been a world leader and innovator in laser technology. From humble beginnings with the development of the line maker lens, we have continued to grow, revolutionizing the laser line generator market. We offer never before seen line quality and integrity, which has opened the door to a multitude of possibilities and have become a global force in laser line technology. We also offer many other unique laser products for a wide range of applications to suit individual needs.



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What We Do

Cemar Electro Inc. provides alignment lasers for wood, stone, textile, metal, plastic and paper industries. We offer a variety of laser solutions for product placement and guides for material handling and positioning. We even offer a laser built specifically for extreme environments such as the food industry. Our thread-break detection system for weaving looms has become the global standard for the weaving industry. We have also developed patient alignment systems for radiation oncology treatments which are presently used in hospitals around the world.

Custom Solutions

Cemar Electro Inc. offers customized design solutions for unique projects and applications. Our goal is to provide effective, cost efficient solutions that are easily integrated into existing prototypes.

Our Commitment

Our strong commitment to research and development allows us to respond to our customers’ needs and help create some of the most innovative and effective industrial and medical laser products on the market today. Our team of dedicated professionals are constantly working to ensure reliable products of the highest quality.

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We welcome you  to our easy-to-navigate website. We hope you find all the information you are looking for. If you have any questions or require assistance with our products, please feel free to give our customer service department a call at 1-800-298-5273.