Experience: Cemar Electro has been making lasers for more than 20 years.
Our service team will give you a free estimate within 24hrs and have your unit repaired and on its way back to you within 48hrs.
Warranty: 2 full years on both new and repaired lasers.
Customer Service: always available, helpful and knowledgeable. We can assist you in making the right choice for your application.
Technology and research: Cemar Electro is committed to excellence in both developing and improving laser technology. We work closely with our clients to create custom solutions for unique applications.

PowerShift™ is a custom-installed solution designed to ensure your laser projects a crisp, bright, uniform line when mounted at angles other than 90º. Read more about Power Shifted lasers.

There is a very popular misconception that lasers should be left on at all times. This is only for the older HeNe type units, the new diode lasers should be turned off when not in use as they have a lifespan and any time your machine is not in use it is better to shut the lasers off and add many hours of usage to your laser.

When you buy a Cemarline laser, you get everything you need to install and adjust the laser; a bracket with a power supply and optics to suit your application. You even get an allen key for set-up and adjustment.

Cemar has a number of laser products to meet your needs. After browsing our products lines and trying our Interactive Laser Positioning Demo, you will probably know the answer to this question. You should bear in mind these questions when making a laser selection:

1. What will the laser be used for?
2. How long does the projected line need to be?
3. How much clearance will the laser have?
4. What are the lighting conditions like where the laser will be used?

If you need assistance making your selection, please contact us at 1-800-298-5273 or by email and one of our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you.

This is a very useful tool that can assist you in choosing the right laser for your application. You can choose between all of our available lenses and mounting positions to determine which best suit your needs. Our sales department is always available if you do need assistance in using the demo. Click here to try our laser demo.

Most Cemar lasers come with a mounting bracket that will do the job. Simply attach the bracket to a solid surface above the area where the line will be projected. To take full advantage of the line generated by one of our lasers, Cemar recommends mounting the laser so it projects the line towards the operator of the application—but in a way that avoids direct eye exposure to the emitter.

No. That said, operating a laser emitting device demands common sense be used. Pay close attention to the laser device warning labels on all lasers, and never look directly into the emitter or its reflection. Our lasers are low powered devices that only produce visible lines. They do not produce heat capable of harming your skin, hair, or clothing; nor can they burn through any surface onto which the beam is projected.

Cemar Electro takes great care and uses only the best available components to build our lasers. Your laser should last approximately 20,000 hours under normal conditions. That being said there are conditions that will affect the lifespan such as temperature, a laser constantly in usage above the recommended temperature will have a reduced life. There are also a very small percentage of laser diodes which are defective and in some cases it can take several months for the defect to cause a failure of a laser. You are protected against this possibility with our warranty, if your laser needs to be repaired your warranty will restart from the time the laser is repaired the laser itself will last a lifetime only the diode needs to be replaced on occasion.

Absolutely. All our laser products are designed to be fully serviceable by our factory trained technicians. It is highly recommended you send your lasers to us when they need servicing. Please send your laser to the Cemar location nearest you for service.

Please do not attempt to open or repair the laser yourself because any un-authorized service will void your warranty.

Both of these lasers do the same thing—they both project crisp, bright, visible lines (or dots) that are easily controllable and directional. What makes them different is how they produce the light. The Helium-Neon (HeNe) gas laser produces a red beam by passing light through a gas-filled (HeNe) tube. The solid state diode laser produces a red beam by passing light through a wafer. The other primary differences are size and cost. Our technological advancements have permitted us to build a smaller better laser that is more economical to build, operate and maintain.

No. Cemar manufactures and sells low-power, illumination lasers. Our lasers are used to project lines to guide a variety of cutting, industrial, and medical applications. Typical applications include sawmill cutting, where logs are aligned for cutting with a laser-projected line; patient alignment lasers are used in hospitals to position patients relative to scanning equipment, such as X-ray machines.

Yes. Our engineering and production departments readily adapt and develop laser solutions to meet the needs of custom orders. Send us the specifications of your needs, and we will develop the line generator laser solution you need.

That depends on your application and the complexity of the desired laser projection.

Not for personal use. We do produce dot-projecting lasers, but only for industrial use.

Line generating lasers must be protected from direct sunlight in order to be visable. There are certain applications where a laser can be used in sunlight, please consult our customer service department for information.

Yes; either by changing the mounting angle or if required, we can change the projection angle on the lenses.