Maxx 700

The Maxx series 700 offers the most technologically advanced patient positioning system on the market. The state of the art design  combines function with easy installation, operation and maintenance. Available in red, green and blue in both sagittal and crosshair. Operated via Zigbee protocol the remote control will not conflict with hospital wireless systems [...]

Maxx 1100

Cemar’s CT Room Laser system, the Maxx 1100 delivers the most precise movement available. Also available in all 3 colors and in both single free standing units or as a complete set enclosed within a  gantry system. The control interface is Dicom based and compatible with all major CT’s.  Colors are interchangeable and our modular [...]

Maxx 606

The Maxx 606 is our manual patient positioning system and it is based on the original CL-606 series but takes advantage of a new streamlined and economic design along with the latest laser technology to offer a simple but robust laser with minimal maintenance.  Easy to install the Maxx 606 embodies the essence of our [...]