Optional Mounting Bracket:


The Maxx series 700 offers the most technologically advanced patient positioning system on the market. The state of the art design  combines function with easy installation, operation and maintenance. Available in red, green and blue in both sagittal and crosshair. Operated via Zigbee protocol the remote control will not conflict with hospital wireless systems and offers a universal symbol based control system which reduces training time. Daily verification is a simple one step process saving valuable time, increasing treatment capability as all Maxx700’s are equipped with an automatic alignment verification system.

  • Alignment verification sensor
  • Auto ambient light adjustment
  • 4 Axis movement
  • Precision motor drives
  • Micro and macro adjustment
  • Available in Green, Red, and Blue

Remote control touch-screen adjustments:


  • Touch screen remote
  • Full range, non-directional
  • User friendly icons
  • Robust ergonomic design
  • RF wireless
  • Full function

  • 4 Axis movement:
    • X axis – Horizontal movement: 20mm (0.8”) +/-10mm (from ISO center)
    • Y axis – Vertical movement: 20mm (0.8”) +/-10mm (from ISO center)
    • Roll axis – Horizontal rotation: 10º +/-5º
    • Pitch axis – Vertical rotation: 6º +/-3º
  • Movement and position sensing detection for opposed lasers
  • Crosshair beam rotation: 15º +/-7.5º
  • Focus Adjustment: from 0.5m-6m (2’-20’)
  • Crosshair beam fan-out: 60º in both axis
  • All displacements are precision motor driven.
  • Laser Power Adjustment: 0.1mW-5mW
  • Maximum line width @ 5m (16’):
  • Remote can control up to 7 lasers per room
  • Operating Temperature: 5°-28°C (40°-85°F)
  • Power requirements: 100-240 VAC, 0.25A, 50-60Hz
  • Dimensions:
    • Length 210mm (8.3”)
    • Width 116mm (4.5”)
    • Height 94mm (3.7”)
    • Weight: 2.9 kg (6.4 lbs)
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